Firstly lets define what is a map?

Maps are an illustration to represent features and their relationships in space. They are used to simplify the complexities of the Earth; Our Cities, Countries, solar system, the stars and galaxies. They are also used to represent virtual worlds of fictional stories and video games. Maps can be made as simple or complex as you like.


Maps are a key element of humanity, they tell us where we have been, where we are now and where we can go. It delves into the history as ancient explorers, looks into the future of space travel and into the fantasy realms of our imagination.


In essence a map tells a story.


At mapping made simple we strive to provide just what we say, an easy way for you to download maps. We deliver quality, affordable map products from highly professional experienced cartographers.

Why do we need maps?

Maps are needed to simplify the world and our thoughts. It helps to put locations into perspective and infer relationships between objects. The best route may not always the shortest, but a map will help highlight the features along the way.

What makes maps special?

Maps are a reflection of history, a starting of a storyline. We use them to plan and showcase travels. Across the evolution of the earth, seismologists and geologists are able to study the movement of the tectonic plates of Earth. Meteorlogists forecast weather patterns coming to cities. There’s endless functions for maps but in the end – they connect us all.

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