7 proven strategies for remembering countries

Memorizing the countries of the world may seem like a daunting task, but with the right strategies and trusty maps, you can conquer this geographical challenge. Lets delve into effective techniques and tips to help you master your memory of countries effortlessly.

  1. Start with a map of the whole area and break into smaller areas.
  2. Remember memorable facts on geography with spatial .
  3. Use Mnemonics 
  4. Create Flashcards with different ways of remembering the same information
  5. Use repetition to review the flashcards at longer intervals
  6. Quiz yourself
  7. Teach others to help reinforce your own understanding

What is the most important factor to help you remember?

Without the right mindset it will likely be much harder!

A great friend of mine who teaches kindergarten children always says ‘… the best way to learn is through play’, so we can all take this advice. Take your time, remain calm and have fun! 

If you make mistakes, then that’s actually good. Its better to learn from mistakes, and you’ll be better in the long run with so many countries of the world.

Learning by rote or constant repetition

  • Firstly, the list is quite long.
  • Secondly, its’ hard to visualize.
  • Thirdly, we are not sure of any associations between the countries, except one is named after the other. 
  • Finally, its no fun. This makes people less likely to continue trying when they make mistakes.


We will rely on rote learning to some degree, for example some geography facts but it will be better retained when combined with other strategies, such as visual aids for spatial shapes and relationships.

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