Where is the Mediterranean?

The Mediterranean Sea is located between the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia

Map showing Countries of the Mediterranean Sea and the smaller seas within

These are the 23 countries with a coastline in the Mediterranean Sea

5 African countries

  • Morocco
  • Algeria
  • Tunisia
  • Libya
  • Egypt

11 European countries

  • Spain
  • France
  • Monaco
  • Italy
  • Malta
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovinia
  • Montenegro
  • Albania
  • Greece

7 Asian countries

  • Turkey
  • Cyprus
  • Syria
  • Lebanon
  • Northern Cyprus
  • Palestine
  • Israel

What are the seas within the Mediterranean Sea?

The Mediterranean is a sea of seas and includes (clockwise from Spain) 

Alboran Sea, Balearic Sea, Sea of Sardinia, Ligurian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Ionian Sea, Adriatic Sea, Myrtoan Sea, Aegean Sea, Thracian Sea, Sea of Marmara, Icarian Sea, Sea of Crete and the Levantine Sea. 


The Black Sea and the Sea of Azov are not considered part of the Mediterranean Sea although are solely connected to the North Atlantic Ocean by the Mediterranean waterways.

How does the Mediterranean Sea connect to the Ocean?

It connects via the west to the Atlantic Ocean via the Strait of Gibraltar and via the Suez Canal and Red Sea to the Indian Ocean in its east.

Map showing the Alboran Sea and Balearic Sea with neighboring countries

What are the 4 seas around Italy?

There are 4 seas within the Mediterranean that border Italy. The Ligurian Sea, Adriatic Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea.

These 4 form part of the Mediterranean Sea, so to be correct there are actually 5 seas around Italy.


Map showing Ligurian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Ionian Sea and Adriatic Sea

What are the Seas around Greece?

Greece has 3 seas around its many islands within the Mediterranean Sea, from (west to east) Ionian Sea, Sea of Crete and the Aegean Sea.

Map showing the seas around Greece including Ionian Sea, Sea of Crete and Aegean Sea with neighboring Countries

Is the Black Sea part of the Mediterranean Sea?

The Black Sea is not part of the Mediterranean Sea. The Sea of Marmara connects to the Mediterranean Sea via the Dardanelles Strait and to the Black Sea via the Bosporus Strait.


What are the Seas that surround Turkey?

The Black Sea, Sea of Marmara, Aegean Sea and Sea of Crete are all bounding Turkey. 


Map showing the Seas around Turkey including the Aegean Sea, Sea of Crete, Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea

Mediterranean coastline from Libya to Tunisia

The African side of the Mediterranean Sea has 2 large gulfs: The Gulf of Sidra in Libya and the Gulf of Gabes in Tunisia

Map showing the Gulf of Sidra in Libya and the Gulf of Gabes in Tunisia and the Tyrrhenian Sea and Ionian Sea and neighboring countries

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