Maps of US, Canada and Mexico

When reviewing, its good practice to continuously refer back and forth to the map for the 3 regions.

It’s rote learning, combined with spatial recognition.

From North to South we remember the countries via the acronym CUSMA. Now break region into individual countries with some location based facts

The countries of Canada, US and Mexico

Where is Canada?

The country of Canada is north of mainland USA, although it is east of Alaska and west of Greenland. It also borders the Arctic, Atlantic and north Pacific oceans.

To remember – read one items of text then refer to the map.

  1. ‘Canada is north of mainland USA’ then confirm that yourself by reviewing the labels on the map now do the same for the following text.
  2. East of Alaska.
  3. West of Greenland. Look at Greenland, then look at Canada
  4. Borders Arctic Ocean
  5. Borders Atlantic Ocean
  6. Borders North Pacific Ocean

Map of Canada with neighboring countries and oceans

Map of Canada and surrounding lands and water bodies

Next we move to the US

Where in the world is the USA?

The United States of America, or more simply US, is located north of the equator in the northern hemisphere.

What countries border the US?

The USA has Canada to the north, Mexico to the South and the Caribbean Islands in the south east. it is also surrounded by 2 oceans; North Pacific Ocean on the west coast and the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast. The state of Alaska borders the Arctic Ocean.

The USA is often divided based on location, often people refer to 5 subregions of the USA.

Map of USA showing location within North America

Map of US and surrounding lands and water bodies

Continuing south lets talk about Mexico

Is Mexico in North America?

The short answer is Yes.

Mexico is a large county located to the south of the USA between the North Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico of the Atlantic Ocean. It has Guatemala and Belize at its southern borders which are also in North America. People often think Mexico is in Central America as it’s a Latin country, but it is wholly based in North America.

Map of Mexico showing neighboring countries, and oceans

Map of Mexico and surrounding lands and water bodies

The remembering techniques used are chunking, visualization and locational facts

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