Is Australia the smallest continent?

Australia is the smallest of the continents when the traditional thinking of 7 continents are considered. It is located within the region of Oceania with the Indian Ocean to the west, Southern Ocean south and Pacific Ocean to the east. Although for many people, Oceania may also be referred to as a continent, but in that instance it would still be the smallest continent.

Does Australia have states?

Australia has 6 states:

  1. Western Australia,
  2. South Australia,
  3. Queensland,
  4. New South Wales,
  5. Victoria and
  6. Tasmania.

And 2 internal Territories:

  1. Northern Territory
  2. Australian Capital Territory

(Territories have less people than states)

There is also another 7 external territories

Map of Australia including the 6 States and 2 Territories

Australia Outline Map

Here’s an outline of the main states and territories useful for educational purposes.

Map showing outline of Australia with borders of the states and territories

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