About Us

Welcome to Mapping Made Simple, your source of maps designed for knowledge and awareness of the regions of the world through spatial awareness and basic geography. We’re passionate about educating people through maps and want to help people understand the interconnectedness of the world and the common characteristics of global regions.


We are here for 2 main reasons:

1) Centre for maps showing regions of the world, and 

2) Strategies to help remember places within each region

Our Story

Our team started cartography back in 2001, long before Google Maps was a thing! Back then our work was purely for engineering design for new railways, roads and ports and whilst obviously useful, didn’t stir the same level of excitement as the large map of the world we had printed on a wall. 

That particular map started many deep conversations. People would stop and chat, point out their country, but the discussion began when the topic evolved to the nearby region. It wasn’t always so cut and dry with a disparity between the number of continents, depending on where we were taught geography in school. 

Some had North America as a continent, others considered both North and South America together as one continent. And within America, there was some definite affinity between and within countries. This discussion was a great way to start our very boring technical discussion on maps.

Our Mission

Whether by geography, cultural or historical context, regions are not always mapped by their political boundaries. Most people have an inkling on the general location of a country, but its not always clear. 


Our mission is to to help people learn and memorize countries of the world through maps whether for personal fulfillment or as an educational aid, hoping to instill a deep connection with cultures, and fostering a desire to travel and explore.

Our Values

Educate global awareness

Develop maps of the world showing countries with key facts to describe their region.

Keep it Simple

Provide maps that are simple to read without distracting information. Keep the message short and sharp to allow people to focus on a small number of items.

Share Knowledge

Create tools and foster learning by creating maps that help people memorize maps.

Simple maps are also available to download by right clicking on an image and then selecting ‘save as’

Join us

We are for people of all ages with an interest in world maps. We are designed to cater for all ages, from children to older adults with an interest in lifelong learning. Thanks for looking at our site and we hope this information has been helpful and insightful. If you have questions or topics you’d like us to explore, feel free to ask.


Have fun 

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